No matter wherever you park your vehicle, it is always at the risk of a constant onslaught. As much as a car cover is important to protect your car from harmful external agents, keeping your car’s interiors is just as important. Your car’s carpet is vulnerable to stains and damages from the regular wear; hence it needs a special layer of protection.Read More

The festival of color and joy is around the corner and we can’t hold back our excitement enough. We all are fond of celebrating Holi with utmost elation and passion; however our cars, certainly the first love for many, are at a huge risk of damage with the splashing colours and water frenzy atmosphere.

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“Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.”
-Amit Kalantri
This goes without saying when you dress well complete with Tuxedo, a sleek tie, a classy tie pin, ornamental cuff links, premium leather shoes, a swashbuckling belt, a designer watch to mix and match and contrast but what if we think and do the same for our favorite car model?
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 Car mats

The festive season brings along days spend in shopping, and then days occupied in visiting your near dear ones and not to forget the long lost ones. With so much of travelling, you would not want your car to drive you crazy!!

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