The festival of color and joy is around the corner and we can’t hold back our excitement enough. We all are fond of celebrating Holi with utmost elation and passion; however our cars, certainly the first love for many, are at a huge risk of damage with the splashing colours and water frenzy atmosphere. The permeability and packing of the door rubbers is tested and the often used unbranded car covers  don’t solve the purpose leading to seepage of water and liquid colours both inside and on the surface of the car, thereby increasing the risk of damage to the car interiors and also leave permanent color stains on the body. A car’s functioning is just as important as its cleanliness and we all make an effort to keep it well protected from the discordant festivities, since not everyone uses dry natural colours, and it’s a pretty common sight after Holi to witness cars victimized of the celebrations. And it’s even worse when the car’s interiors get soiled by colours as the water soaks in, which is quite difficult to clean, leaving behind bad odour. Keeping the Holi after effects in mind, it’s always good to be well prepared in advance by keeping your vehicles ready to withstand the harsh conditions. Coozo brings the best quality Car Body Covers that is made of best in class polyester fabric, and are available in high quality water proof Silver Matty, Lexus (blue matty or grey matty), and X5 variants. These covers are double stitched and are also scratch proof that vouch to last longer and provide maximum value to client’s money.The Car Body Covers are available in 2x2 and 4x4 variety that are aesthetically well designed with buckle strap to tighten the body covers and mirror pockets, and are also made up of high quality bonded material to leave no residue on convertible tops. Check out the Coozo Car Body cover range to safeguard your car from harmful chemicals and stains, to keep your cars extremely functional and sturdy and be with you for years to come as your trusted companion.

Silver Matty Covers  

The Silver Matty covers come with supreme quality material that is light and breathable. It is made from a layer of non-woven composite, ultrasonically tested to provide a high degree dust protection, which is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. These covers will repel most of the water, and yet allow air to circulate, preventing condensation. These covers fit well and avoid scratches that can be caused through the dirt trapped between the paint and the cover during its installation. With its bottom locking system, Silver Matty allows a plastic-coated cable to hold the ends of the cover strongly. Silver Matty covers by Coozo display plain aesthetics being complete elastic in the front and rear side for better fit with mirror pockets, but lends rigor protection to your car!

Lexus Covers 


Lexus covers are one of the best amongst our range of car body covers. These covers are water-resistant with double coating on the upper and lower side that adds a protective layer of padding that keeps the water away and prevents the car from unsightly dents, digs and scratches. The colour of Lexus body covers doesn’t fade, even after several times of its usage. Its unique features do not let any leakage and acts as the strong barrier between the car’s paint and damaging weather. Lexus covers are assimilated with complete elastic in the front and rear side for better fit, a Reflection tape on mirror pockets, and a handy buckle strap to tighten it in unavoidable weather conditions.

X5 Covers


Stylish in looks and highly functional, the X5 car covers are one of the most popular and renowned range of car body covers from Coozo that will give your vehicle the colossal protection that it needs. From being 98% water proof to highly lightweight, this body cover is the easiest one to install and remove. With its exclusive new striped design with mirror pockets, you can find the covers in several colour combinations that do not fade and can withstand rigorous wear and tear. The X5 covers are quilted from the centre so as to help them hug the cars end to end giving the latter a good fit with style and precision. Car cover care is pretty simple and involves cleaning it periodically. The Coozo high quality custom fit body covers that are tailored to the lines of your vehicle will hug every contour of your vehicle that a baggy universal-fit car cover cannot fulfil, and hence would letthe dust particles creep in. Gift heavy-duty protection to your treasured automobile with the specialized customized car covers from Coozo this Holi, making it even more colourful.