No matter wherever you park your vehicle, it is always at the risk of a constant onslaught. As much as a car cover is important to protect your car from harmful external agents, keeping your car’s interiors is just as important. Your car’s carpet is vulnerable to stains and damages from the regular wear; hence it needs a special layer of protection. With Coozo, vinyl and rubber car floor mats aren’t the only alternatives that you’d be looking forward to, we’ve got you the most coveted 5D and 7D car mats that will not only protect your car carpets but will also give your car interiors a boost in style and comfort at the same time. Before buying any floor mat, you must see that the size of the floor mat is compatible with the size of the carpet in your vehicle. Coozo brings you the best fitting personalized car mats with the plushest pile available.

5D Mats

5D car mats are the supreme category of car mats that are 100% water and dust proof with a unique 5 dimensional design with crocodile leather texture. It is equipped with heel pad on the driver’s side to provide maximum safety while driving and its raised edges fit perfectly from edge to edge allowing all the unwanted grimes to stay away. It is highly durable and lends a premium look to your car and a class-apart fit and finish to your car’s interior. Available in 2 colour options, these are easy to install and are easy to handle due to its washable material.

7D Car Mats

7D car mats are probably the most luxurious car mats that not only have a luxe appeal but also class-apart features. These are personalized car mats as per your car’s interiors and are integrated with double layer protection that keeps the water off from soaking in the car. It has a thick layer of coil mat that provides maximum comfort and cleanliness to the car with a flattering fit in the foot well which carries all the dust, water and grimes in its grooves and has anti-skid properties. You can avail them in different colours and get it customized as per your car’s needs.

Whether your vehicle is new or used, Coozo car mats are the most simple and effortless upgrade so it’s good to invest in superior car floor mats to customize your vehicle’s look. 5D and 7D car mats are the best option if you’re looking for design, comfort and protection. These are the best car mats online and will give an extravagant feel and premium look to the car.