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Coozo Jumper Booster Cable

  • Coozo Jumper Cables Are Used To Start A Vehicle With A Dead Battery.
  • Used For Vans, Large-size Suvs, Full-size Cars, Mid-size Cars, And Small/Compact Cars.
  • A Set Of Two, Economical And Durable Materials.
  • Cables Come With PVC Insulation.
  • Heavy-duty, Tight-grip Alligator Clamps.
  • Strong Spring And Comfortable Handle For Easy Positioning.
  • The Jumper Cables Are Attached To The Dead Battery And A Fully Charged Battery In Another Vehicle.
  • Connect One Red Clamp To Positive(+) Terminal Of The Dead Battery And Other Red Clamp To The Positive(+) Terminal Of The Donor Battery
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Manufacturer Coozo
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