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Getsun Car Dashboard & Leather Wax Polish (450ml)

  • Getsun Dashboard & Leather Wax, Combines A Fast Action Cockpit Shine With A Long Lasting Air Freshener.
  • Shines, Protects And Leaves A Durable Wet Look Finish.
  • The Cockpit Spray Instantly Restores All Interior Plastic, Rubber And Vinyl Surfaces To Original Pristine Condition.
  • At The Same Time, The Slow Release Fragrance Technology Steadily Adds A Light, Refreshing Fragrance That Will Keep The Interior Of Your Car Smelling Fragrance Great For Up To 8 Days.
  • This Product Can Increase The Gloss And Show Natural Gloss. During Spraying And Erasing, Cleaning Dirt And Polishing Can Be Finished Together, It Is Suitable For All Kinds Of Vehicle Instrument Desks, Electrical Appliance, Tires, Steering Wheels, Leathers Sofas, Bumpers, Plastic And Furniture.
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