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Getsun Silicone Dashboard Polish (450ml)

  • Getsun Silicone Dashboard Polish Increases The Gloss And Shows Natural Gloss.
  • Shines, Protects And Leaves A Durable Wet Look Finish.
  • During Spraying And Erasing, Cleaning Dirt And Polishing Can Be Finished Together.
  • It Is Suitable For All Kinds Of Vehicle Instrument Desks, Electrical Appliance, Tires, Dashboard, Steering Wheels, Leather Sofas, Bumpers, Plastic And Furniture.
  • Getsun Silicone Dashboard Polish Contains Protective Polishing Wax Specially Used For Instrument Desks.
  • At The Time Of Cleaning, Its Effective Ingredient Can Form A Better Protective Film On The Surface Of Instrument Desk.
  • The Film Is Not Only Talc-free, Uv-cut, Anti-aging, But Also Can Prevent All Kinds Of Bacteria From Growing, So That It Can Prevent The Infection Of Bacteria Thus Protecting Your Families And Your Health.
  • Getsun Dashboard Polish Can Also Be Used On The Surface Of Cars, Leather, Synthetic, Leather, Furniture To Make Them Clean And Glossy.
  • Direction Shake Up This Product Fully Before Using, Make Sure That The Can Is Upright, Spray It In A Distance Of 15-20cms Evenly, And Then Wipe It With Soft Dry Rags Till It Is Bright.
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