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Getsun Windshield Washer Additive (500ml)

  • Getsun' S Windsheild Washer Cleans Insects/bugs Splatter, Dust, Dirt, Bird Droppings, Grease, Oil Drops Fallen From Trees During Parking And Grime Quickly And Without Any Effort From The Windshield Without Producing Bubbles.
  • Includes Anti-mist And Anti-freezing Properties, Improves Visibility And Reduces Night Glare, Increases Transparency And Gloss Of The Glass.
  • Ideal For Regular Maintenance, Good For All Seasons Cleaning And Protection, Comes With A Refreshing Fragrance.
  • Getsun' S Windshield Washer Additive Cleans The Glasses And Provides A Clear View Of The Road Ahead.
  • It Is Considered Ideal For Regular Vehicle Maintenance To Keep It Shining Always.
  • It Removes The Bird Dropping Quickly, Also Possesses Anti-mist And Anti-freeze Performance, Thus Improving The Transparency And Gloss Of The Glass, Eliminating Eye Fatigue, Decreasing The Friction Between Window Shield And Glass.


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